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In his small (exceedingly scarce) collection of Spanish proverbs first published in 1733 (3rd ed. 1788), Catalan author Carlos Ros cites the following sentence about women:


La dona es tan mudable, com lo vent / de sus paraules, no faces fonament.


The same can be said of art...
Female body, landscape & signs are the themes of my drawings & paintings.


Oh, I almost forgot: I am white, European, hetero and male. I adore women. I am proud of being able to celebrate their beauty in thousands of drawings. Of course, in 2016ff. nothing is more politically incorrect than heterosexuality. Actually the artistic wonderland  2021ff. is exclusively queer, nothing more politically correct, at least for western "curators", than despising male gaze. The new curaorial barbarians consider "political" art as the only one existing. Poor idiots. What they don't understand: 1968 has changed politics into culture and some years later culture itself became fashion. Coolness is the liberal mask of monetized, fashion-oriented Neoliberalism in so called progressive environments. It's the culture, stupid! Better say: It's fashion, stupid! Art has become a matter of cool stuff and detox food. What artists actually think, write or paint is of no importance. Quality depends exclusively on a tasty blend of Identity Politics. Only "deconstructed", "post-colonial", "nonmale", "nonwhite", "transgender", "hashtag" "activists" can be artists. They have to be young ("less than 35", as if young age were a criterion for quality), they have to be exotic & "other", they have to wear the newest rotten jeans & the coolest sneakers. No need to say that "Identity Politics" isn't a political category. Actually it is a very select branch of the new curatorial left-wing jet-set-fashion designed for the happy few SJWs. Political victims, in this context, are not at all political, even when they actually suffered. For the new curatorial barbarians, political victims are sexy mascots, cultural top-models on the catwalk of Artworld..


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